N-of-One: unlocking the power of precision medicine through cutting edge molecular interpretation

N-of-One: unlocking the power of precision medicine through cutting edge molecular interpretation

Precision Medicine Programs

An increasing number of oncologists and cancer patients are seeking targeted therapies when the standard of care has been exhausted. Individual oncologists and Tumor Boards must find a way to obtain high quality access to the research on the therapeutic options for their patients.

Frequently the best therapeutic option for a patient can only be accessed through a clinical trial. Finding the appropriate clinical trial depends on a deep understanding of the patient’s molecular profile and the availability of clinical trials. This is time consuming and very expensive. N-of-One unlocks the power of precision medicine by providing the most precise clinical interpretation to inform the search for the most relevant clinical trials.

Interpreting Molecular Diagnostics Tests at the Point of Care

Physicians and hospitals expect access to a wider spectrum of molecular diagnostic testing as they seek to understand a patient’s cancer, but interpreting each patient’s molecular data and then generating a clear synthesis of the clinical and scientific evidence to make the best therapeutic decision requires significant time and resources. This issue is only getting more acute with the rapidly growing number of patients who could benefit from molecular diagnostic testing.

Tumor Board Operation and Efficiency

The challenges don’t stop there. Tumor boards must review an increasing number of cases. The time required by physicians to prepare for Tumor Boards is also increasing due to the variety of molecular tests, including NGS, copy number analysis and protein expression, coupled with the growing number of new biomarkers that must be researched and increasing complexity of the molecular data. Finding scalable ways to leverage available information and prepare for these discussions is a challenge that must be overcome to scale precision medicine programs.

Clinical Trial Identification and Enrollment

In order for Precision Medicine programs to be competitive and scale, it is important to offer a broad range of targeted therapy trials. Increasing enrollments in clinical trials programs requires matching of trial to patient and patient to trial based on a deep understanding of patients’ molecular profile, including drug sensitivity, resistance, the role of combination therapies, and knowledge of the availability of trials within the program and beyond. This research and analysis takes significant time that most clinicians simply don’t have.


N-of-One helps physicians identify the most relevant therapeutic strategies with the highest quality clinical and scientific evidence for each patient’s molecular profile within the context of their unique disease.

N-of-One provides valuable, relevant evidence for any molecular diagnostic test result, including next generation sequencing of solid and hematological tumors, circulating tumor cells and DNA, copy number analysis, and immunohistochemistry.

N-of-One solutions:

  • Save physician time, allowing more informed treatment decisions
  • Increase the efficiency of the molecular tumor board by providing clinicians better evidence to use when discussing each patient
  • Create seamless electronic communication with hospital systems
  • Scale to meet patient volume—even it that means thousands of reports per month
  • Make each report more cost effective