A partner as dedicated to supporting your precision medicine objectives as you are.

A partner as dedicated to supporting your precision medicine objectives as you are.

Precision Medicine Programs

An increasing number of oncologists and cancer patients are seeking targeted therapies when the standard of care has been exhausted. Individual oncologists and Tumor Boards must find a way to obtain high quality access to the research on the therapeutic options for their patients.

Precision Medicine programs require extensive inter-disciplinary coordination for success. When choosing a partner for clinical interpretation, it’s vital that they have a strong grasp of all factors involved in precision oncology care.

N-of-One has a 9-year track record of working with leading diagnostics labs, NCI cancer centers, and healthcare systems, as well as partnering with oncologists and pathologists to provide the high-quality, cost-effective, and actionable clinical interpretation that’s needed to drive the best possible outcomes for patients.

From clinical interpretation that can integrate multiple tests, to panel design, to tumor board support, N-of- One is invested in making precision medicine programs successful with the breadth and depth of our experts.


N-of-One helps physicians identify the most relevant therapeutic strategies with the highest quality clinical and scientific evidence for each patient’s molecular profile within the context of their unique disease.

N-of-One provides valuable, relevant evidence for any molecular diagnostic test result, including next generation sequencing of solid and hematological tumors, circulating tumor cells and DNA, copy number analysis, and immunohistochemistry.